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What Do We Need To Know?  Here Are Some Of The Basics

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What Does Your Fencing Contractor Need To Know For Fencing Estimates:

 How Many Feet Of Fencing?
Don’t know, don’t worry we can come and measure for you.

 How Many Gates Do You Need?
Walk Through Gate?
Drive Through Gate?

Do You Have Corners or Ends?

 What Type Of Fence Would You Like?
Not sure, send us a picture of what you would like.

 What Is Your Terrain?
Is your ground flat, hilly, trees, rock out cropping’s, forest?

 Do You Have Underground Utilities or Overhead?

 Do You Have A Sprinkler System?

 Will You Need A Temporary Fence For Horses, Cows, or Dogs?

 Do You Have An Existing Fence To Tear Out And Haul Off?
If so, how many feet?

 What Type Of Wire Would You Like?
Smooth, Barbwire, Electric?

 What Height Of Fence Would You Like?
This determines the post spacing for wind load and zoning.

 Do You Need Holes Through Solid Rock or Cement?

 Is Water Available?

 Is Electric Available?

 Does Your Dog Jump Or Dig?

 These are all factors to consider when building your quality fence.

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